OHP Success Story – Spring 2017

Picture1Corrine, age 31, was born with Down’s syndrome. She grew up in the Salem area, along with her mom, older sister, niece, nephew, and her brother in law. Her mother, Diane, says that Corrine has been a pretty easy going person since she was little. She loves to draw, listen to country music, and is fond of scary movies, particularly ones featuring zombies and other ghouls. Naturally, her favorite holiday is Halloween. Corrine’s favorite foods include orange chicken, burritos, and milkshakes; being able to bite in to such delicious cuisines is one of the reasons why oral health is so very important to her.

Prior to being assigned to Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS), Corrine did not have a primary care dentist. Diane said that she has no idea what she would have done, if it weren’t for Dr. James P. Hayden Jr. and his services. When Corrine knows that the dentist is coming to treat her she looks forward to his visit all day.

Although Corrine is unable to cooperate in a traditional clinic setting, she strives to be a model patient for the dentist. Diane says Dr. Hayden does his part to smoothly administer treatment as well, “He is very kind and patient, and never pushes Corrine into a treatment that she isn’t comfortable with”. Throughout the years, Corrine has occasionally required more intensive treatment in a hospital setting. Dental surgery can be a bit disruptive to her daily routine, but she has had a wonderful experience every time. Her mother says that after treatment Corrine always bounces back to her old self and feels much better.

Diane is very grateful for the ENDS program and the benefits Corrine has through Oregon Health Plan. ENDS ensures providers like Dr. Hayden are able to provide essential oral healthcare to Corrine and others like her throughout Oregon.