OHP Success Story – Spring 2018

Marlene is never one to overlook an opportunity to help out the needy, whether that be people or animals. She has rescued dogs, cats, and even ducks. Over the years, it became increasingly difficult for Marlene to get around. She was diagnosed with neuropathy after it became apparent that it was not just old age slowing her down. Fortunately, she has a family member as her primary caregiver. Her family is always in good spirits and there is a great deal of laughter in the home. There, she enjoys sewing and crocheting while listening to rock & roll, and she loves tuning in to a good mystery.

As Marlene’s neuropathy progressed she became homebound which made going to see a dentist more than just challenging. She had diligently cared for her teeth all her life but went sometime without seeking dental care. Over those years many teeth broke, which caused her pain and embarrassment. Marlene had stopped smiling altogether.

Picture1When Marlene enrolled with Oregon Health Plan Medicaid, her dental care organization referred her to Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS). The ENDS program is a partnership established by four Oregon dental care organizations:

-Capitol Dental Care
-CareOregon Dental
-Managed Dental Care of Oregon
-Willamette Dental

The ENDS program provides dental care access to individuals with exceptional needs, serving those who are functionally impaired, requiring assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), and are unable to obtain treatment in a traditional office setting.

Since her ENDS dentist, Dr. John Aspros, has been treating Marlene she has improved a great deal. “He is very kind, gentle, and informative – a true blessing.” She is so excited to get her smile back and says that she is immensely grateful to the entire staff at ENDS.

The dental benefits through Oregon Health Plan Medicaid and the coordinated care provided by the ENDS program, as well as dentists like Dr. Aspros, make it possible for patients to receive the essential oral health care they need.