OHP Success Story – Autumn 2017

, age 38, is an engaging fun spirited young lady who lives at home with her parents. She loves bluegrass music, comfort foods, being read to, and adores the company of her two cats. She gives of herself in different ways to everyone in her family. With Hannah’s wide spectrum of disabilities, she requires assistance in all aspects of her life, none more evident than her dental care needs. Hannah’s mother, Martha, struggled to find a dentist with the knowledge crucial for helping people with disabilities.

Hannah needs to be examined in her home environment because of the challenges she faces. After much searching, Martha discovered Dr. James Hayden along with Exceptional Needs Dental Services. “With Dr. Hayden’s soft calming voice, he won over Hannah and was able to quickly assess and prioritize her dental needs,” Martha recalls.

Due to Hannah’s autism, cerebral palsy, and seizure disorder, she requires sedation for her dental care to be achieved. Dr. Brian Summers, an ENDS dentist with extensive experience in hospital dentistry, performed oral surgery on Hannah. Martha tells us, “It was a complete success! Hannah has a better quality of life, is happier and in a healthier state. We have been blessed.”

The admirable care and compassion administered by providers like Dr. Hayden and Dr. Summers, along with the dental benefits provided by the Oregon Health Plan     and coordination by the ENDS program, ensure patients receive the treatment necessary for their well-being.

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