OHP Success Story – Fall 2016

Good News Community Health Center

Good News Community Health Center

Mark, age 48, has a complex medical history which requires him to be monitored in a hospital setting for dental treatment. He is afflicted with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an acute form of polyneuritis, often preceded by a respiratory infection, causing weakness and often paralysis of the limbs. Mark also has cirrhosis, hepatitis C, and a history of abundant bleeding that requires transfusions, all of which are exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse. Mark was referred to the Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS) Program for infected and broken teeth. Treatment had been attempted in a traditional dental office, but his history of bleeding from a ruptured esophagus and profuse coughing when reclined in a dental chair made it impossible.

With so many ailments, it was essential for Mark to be cleared by his Primary Care Physician (PCP) before undergoing general anesthesia for his dental treatment. Throughout the challenges of coordinating his care, Dr. Bob Sayson embodied patience and understanding to ensure Mark could be cleared for dental surgery. Unexpectedly, days before Mark’s dental procedure he was hospitalized for severe anemia, so Dr. Sayson postponed Mark’s hospital dentistry and took the necessary steps to ensure Mark would be healthy enough for surgery. When Mark would stop by his office unannounced Dr. Sayson still made time to see his patient. During the weeks leading up to Mark’s appointment, Dr. Sayson coordinated with Mark and the ENDS staff to ensure he would be successfully treated. The day of the surgery Dr. Sayson drove Mark to the hospital and accompanied him throughout his entire dental procedure.

Dr. Sayson opened Good News Community Health Center in May 2007. Before he started his practice in Portland, Dr. Sayson’s medical work took him and his wife around the globe as medical missionaries. They cared for people in the mountainous regions of the Middle East, villages in the African countryside, and the dense tropical forests of the Philippines.


Bob Sayson, MD

The dental benefits made possible through Oregon Health Plan and providers like Dr. Sayson are essential for thousands of patients to receive quality oral health care. The ENDS program connects providers throughout Oregon to bring oral health care to those that need it most.


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