OHP Success Story – Winter 2016

“He was happy too. I know I was.”Lori Killen Aus, EPDH, treating a patient.

Fred, Age 67, has an intellectual disability, suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Autism. While this made it a challenge for him to be seen in a traditional dental office setting, Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS) provides dental care access for such individuals.

Those who work with Fred describe him as a very fun individual to be around. He can also be extremely captivated by things, and Fred’s support staff are careful to keep him out of unsafe areas. His caregivers have said, “Sometimes he sees something he wants and he’s not going to stop until he gets it.” Because of this, there was concern that Fred’s attachment to his old dentist would make the transition to ENDS problematic. “Fortunately, Lori is ideal for Fred.”

Lori Killen Aus, Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist (EPDH), has been practicing dental hygiene since 1980, and joined the ENDS program in 2012. She has a real passion for her profession, and practices with integrity and a warm heart. Lori’s first visit with Fred demonstrated this well. In the past he has required conscious sedation before allowing someone to reach into his mouth to deliver treatment, but with Lori that was not needed. Her accommodating chairside manner helped Fred to sit still and allowed her clean his teeth in his group home.

Fred likes to play games with his caregivers and enjoys listening to a good country beat. More recently, a severe shoulder injury has slowed him down, but he is as cheerful as ever. When Lori finished treating him he gave her a couple of hugs for the road. “Apparently he was happy too. I know I sure was.” The dental care benefits made possible through Oregon Health Plan and providers like Lori Killen Aus, EPDH, allow thousands of patients like Fred to receive essential oral health care.



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