OHP Success Story – Fall 2015

A tall, three layered, white cake, with flowers which are primarily red, a few are purple and yellow.

One of Vicki’s beautiful cakes

“Gracious and Courteous Care”

Vickie, age 66, has used a wheelchair for about the last seven years. As an Oregon native, she has had the unique opportunity to study at 20 different schools in the Willamette Valley throughout her lifetime. Thanks to the skills she learned in business classes, she joined the work force the very first Monday after she graduated high school. Her career continued to evolve as she went from working for a retail credit card company to a hearing aid center.

When Vickie’s children were very young she preferred to stay at home with them. When they became school-aged she went back to work as a cake decorator. She still keeps an album filled with all of her beautiful cakes.

Vickie first met Dr. Hayden seven years ago. He became her mobile dentist when she was referred to Exceptional Needs Dental Services. Before she met Dr. Hayden, Vickie had quite a bit of anxiety about treatment. Now that she has been in his care she no longer feels that worry or discomfort. “He has a great bedside manner and is very accommodating.” She enjoys his conversations and feels that he has been gracious and courteous throughout her dental care. Dr. Hayden continues to visit her on a regular basis.

A Picture of a male peacock, with a blue chest, neck, and head. It's feathers are turcoaz

Vickie is an avid birder

Vickie enjoys visiting with her four grandbabies whenever she can. On very special occasions she celebrates with food from her favorite Chinese restaurant. Vickie also loves to look up beautiful places, birds, and positive sayings from around the world; she enjoys sharing them with her friends.

The dental benefits made possible by Oregon Health Plan (OHP) mean that Vickie will continue to receive quality oral health care throughout her life.


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